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From Hurriyet Daily News: Supreme board banned homosexual judge

The Supreme Board of Prosecutors and Judges (HSYK) stripped a judge of his duties for disclosing his sexual orientation at some point in the recent past, daily Habertürk revealed on its website today.

The HSYK decision followed a complaint filed by courtroom personnel against the judge for the alleged sexual content of his comments that indicated his homosexuality. It is not known when the incident occurred.

The unnamed judge demanded that the motion against him be overturned after a recent legal amendment was passed allowing banned judges to return to their duties, the daily reported.

Claiming that he had been a victim of slander and injustice, the judge applied to be readmitted to his profession; the board eventually decided in favor of the judge.

Although judicial authorities ruled that the decision to ban the judge was inappropriate based on the change in laws, the individual will not return to his former position because he did not make any express demand to do so. He, however, will be allowed to practice law.

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