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Arab artists: Hazem Harb portrays human suffering in his hometown

Hazem Harb studied, lives and works in Rome, Italy.  (Al Arabiya)
Hazem Harb studied, lives and works in Rome, Italy. (Al Arabiya)

Palestinian artist Hazem Harb was born in 1980 in the Gaza Strip, but he moved to Italy in 2005, where he currently works and lives in. Prior to his move, he received a diploma in children’s illustrations from “Tamer Institute for Community Education” in his hometown, Gaza.

Palestinian artist Hazem Harb

Harb studied for four years at the Institute of Visual Arts in Rome, and graduated with a degree in 2009. During his academic endeavor, Harb undertook an internship at the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2006.

The artist broadened his scope by being exposed to the differences yet formative elements of Gaza and Rome. The former city was the center of suppression, while the latter was the center of fine arts. Such contrasts lent itself to Harb’s project entitled “Omission and Addition”.

“I use faces embodying the forgotten past like the history of Palestinian people which is in a state of complete oblivion,” he said.

He used his honed skills from his education in Rome and used the social themes of Gaza as his subjects of art. “It is an invitation to the Europeans and Arabs to feel the pulse of the life in Gaza.” Harb has succeeded among fans in empathizing the painstaking process of the Gaza crossing.

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