US official on Saleh’s death: ‘Iranian regime exploiting Yemen war’

This file photo taken on May 15, 2003 shows Yemeni ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh (L) welcoming former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami at Sanaa International Airport. (AFP)

A US official speaking to Al Arabiya English has commented on the killing of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

“We continue to call on all parties to re-energize political negotiations which are the only way to end the war. This war is destabilizing for the region and the Iranian regime is exploiting this war for its political ambitions,” the official said.

Saleh was killed by Iranian-backed Houthi militias as he fled the capital Sanaa on Monday.

Saleh, who had ruled Yemen for three decades, joined forces with the Huthis in 2014 when they took control of large parts of the country, including the capital.

But that alliance unraveled over the past week, with dozens reported dead in clashes as Saleh reached out to the Arab coalition that has waged air strikes against the Houthis since September 2015.

Last Update: Tuesday, 5 December 2017 KSA 12:57 - GMT 09:57

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US official on Saleh’s death: ‘Iranian regime exploiting Yemen war’
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