Yemen: Naval mines planted by the Houthis destroyed in Midi coasts

Naval mines near Midi shores. (Supplied)

Yemeni naval forces, in cooperation with the engineering teams of the Arab coalition forces destroyed on Monday naval mines planted by the Houthi militias in the international waters near Midi coasts of the Hajjah governorate in northwestern Yemen.

A military source confirmed that the naval mines were washed away by the waves near the coast of Midi, west of Hajjah province.

The source said the Houthi militia’s mine implanting forms a threat to the international community with the aim of pressing for a halt to the progress of the national army and the Arab coalition.

Last week, the naval formation forces thwarted the attempt to plant and marine mines by Houthi mine experts, eliminated them and destroyed their boats on Midi coasts.

Houthi leaders threatened more than once to cut off international shipping in the Red Sea and carried out several attempts using booby-trapped boats as well as naval mines.

Last Update: Tuesday, 6 February 2018 KSA 03:59 - GMT 00:59

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Yemen: Naval mines planted by the Houthis destroyed in Midi coasts
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