Yemeni army foils attack by Houthis off Jazan

Saudi soldiers work at the border with Yemeni forces in Jazan, Saudi Arabia. (File photo: AP)

Yemen's national army forces foiled on Monday an attack by the Houthis in Razih district off Jazan region in Saudi Arabia.

Al Arabiya correspondent reported that the Houthis tried to advance towards positions controlled by the National Army close to Fallaj mountain  and al-Rakhum uplands, but this attempt was thwarted with the support of the Arab coalition.

The commander of the sixth brigade of the border guards, Brigadier General Hussein al-Amri told al Arabiya, that at least seven Houthis were killed, some wounded and others managed to run off following this operation.

Saudi forces also stopped an attack by the Houthis off Najran, on Sunday.

Houthi militants attempted to infiltrate across the Saudi border to carry out a military operation according to Al Arabiya correspondent.

A source told Al Arabiya that the Saudi forces confronted the militia immediately with arms and artillery.

This clash led to the killing of 17 Houthis who tried to sneak into the Saudi border, and the destruction of a number of vehicles, that were carrying them, by the coalition air raids

Last Update: Tuesday, 13 February 2018 KSA 03:32 - GMT 00:32

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Yemeni army foils attack by Houthis off Jazan
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