Saudi-backed Yemen forces advancing closer to Haradh border

Yemeni government forces flash the sign for victory in the back of a heavily armed vehicle on the road leading to the southwestern port of Mokha. (File photo: AFP)

The Arab Coalition forces pushed forward a large military force closer to the border of Haradh city in Hajjah province, northwest of Yemen.

According to military sources, the Saudi unit has pushed a military brigade into the Haradh axis as part of a military operation aimed at ending the control of the Houthi militias over the city.

The arrival of the Saudi forces coincided with the launch of a military operation against the militias in the city with limited participation of Sudanese and Yemeni forces from the fifth military zone.

Saada and Hajjah fronts witnessed clashes and artillery shelling from the forces of the National Army, supported by the Joint Saudi Forces, which targeted the positions and the defenses of the Houthi militias.

The bombing coincided with the flight of the coalition aircrafts, and carrying out a number of raids targeting the militias in the internal roads in Saada and Jouf.

On the eastern front of Saada, engineering teams from the National Army, were able to extract about 150 mines and explosive devices planted by the Houthi militias, with the technical support of the coalition forces.

Last Update: Tuesday, 6 March 2018 KSA 19:33 - GMT 16:33

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Saudi-backed Yemen forces advancing closer to Haradh border
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