ISIS weapons: From ‘mother of the devil’ explosives to booby traps

A destroyed building with a wall painted with the black flag commonly used by ISIS militants, is seen in the town of al-Alam March 10, 2015. (Reuters)

Western security officials have warned of the progress made by members of ISIS terrorist organization in the arms industry, which is now a risk in other countries and is no longer limited to the areas controlled by the organization in Syria and Iraq.

According to the New York Times, members of ISIS after successive strikes to expel them from some areas in Syria and Iraq, are now moving to other countries.

Foreign members of the terrorist organization return to their home countries to share knowledge and techniques over the Internet. They gather along with their veterans forming a network for weapons production and sharing techniques over the Internet.

Improvised chemical rockets were the latest in a procession of weapons developed by ISIS militia on an arms-manufacturing spree without recent precedence, said the news site.

A Syrian member of the Roj mine clearing organization works at removing IEDs and mines planted by ISIS in Hassakeh province, on October 27, 2016. (AFP)

With  limited access to global arms markets, ISIS routinely manufacture their own weapons.

But now ISIS took the practice to new levels, with outputs “unlike anything we’ve ever seen” from a nonstate force, said Solomon H. Black, a US State Department official who tracks and analyzes weapons.

Among the weapons found by Iraqi forces that fought ISIS in Mosul, three rockets were not fully completed.

The examination of these shells showed that they had an unusual advantage, namely, heavy liquid inside their warheads.

The tests later revealed that the warheads contained one of the crude oil derivatives like sulfur mustard, a forbidden chemical weapon that burns the victim's skin and respiratory system.

ISIS progressed from the stage of basic bombs used in the Brussels terrorist operation of March 2016, which killed at least 31 people and wounded 270 others.

Investigations have also uncovered the use of the same type of explosives, dubbed the “Mother of the Devil,” in other terrorist attacks by the organization, the latest of which was an explosion inside a subway train at Parsons Green Station in Britain last September.

The danger of "mother of the devil" is that it can be made with items sold on supermarket shelves.

A statement issued by the US military in Baghdad said that the international coalition forces against ISIS succeeded in destroying explosive puppets and toys.

Many members of teams involved in demining in Iraq have accounts of varied forms of booby traps planted by ISIS, ranging from toys such as dolls, stuffed animals and plastic trucks, as well as electric teapots, fire extinguishers and light bulbs.

Last Update: Thursday, 14 December 2017 KSA 16:20 - GMT 13:20

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ISIS weapons: From ‘mother of the devil’ explosives to booby traps
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