Being a mom is equivalent to 2.5 jobs: How to work hard, relax hard!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

The amount of times I’ve looked at my nails and thought: “I’ll paint those in bed tonight” and not found the time is ridiculous.It seems silly but it’s become symbolic about the person I’ve become recently.There were days when I’d spend hours doing things for myself whether it was exercising, socialising or pampering and while these days I manage to find hours to iron clothes, go on nature walks and cook, I can’t find 15 minutes to paint my ...

Saudi ‘My Mother’

Friday, 22 September 2017

You ask me what’s Saudi? Saudi is the mother that embraced me since I first opened my eyes to this world.. The Mother that raised me with kindness and humbleness.. The Mother that made me feel safe in her arms, provided stability in my house, and left me always speechless.. The Mother that was awake all night making sure I would have a better tomorrow, a better future, and better mornings.. The Mother that taught me how to help, assist, and be faithful to my friends and soulmates.. The ...

Does the religion of your neighbor matter to you?

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

There are plenty of things that can annoy us about our neighbors.From the ones who steal our parking spaces to those who hold parties until the early hours, I was certain most of us would share the same view on what makes a good neighbor.That’s why the results of a recent German survey about neighbors baffled me so much.The research, by Bertelsmann Stiftung –an independent foundation under private law - as part of the Religious Monitor 2017 project, revealed that around a fifth of ...

Hajj correspondent’s note: Covering the story of 2 million people

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Mecca, Saudi Arabia – Five days. 31,569 transport vehicles to help pilgrims navigate the holy sites. 51701 government employees deployed across 22 services. A 157,538 work force used.  This was what it took for the successful organization of this year‘s Hajj pilgrimage. But it was the stories of 2,352,122 pilgrims, in addition to the thousands of Saudi employees and organizers, Al Arabiya News Channel was tasked to exhume and tell as raw as it could. There is nothing like it, ...

On the plains of Arafat, pilgrims have just one wish: Unity

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Nothing prepared me for the sights of a million people congregating at Jabal Rahma on the day of Arafat.Covering the Hajj for the past five years as a newsroom journalist, this is my first time visiting Mecca.The Hajj pilgrimage is considered the largest gathering of people on earth and the statement is not an exaggeration.The magnitude of how far and wide these pilgrims have travelled from hit close to home when a Syrian refugee we interviewed said he crossed dangerous rebel lines to leave his ...

Got a lot on your mind? How to stop overthinking in 9 simple ways

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Overthinking is like cancer to the mind. Thoughts that should be fleeting become stuck. Growing in size and severity. Seemingly multiplying and being played on repeat, circling the mind again and again. Starving the brain of time, energy and space to think of anything else. Or to not think at all. Leaving you in a state of constant stress. Self-criticism. Depression. Demotivation. And self-doubt. Slowly killing you from the inside out. Although many don’t realise it, thinking is addictive. ...

From English to Urdu, silence of letters speak louder than words

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

I have surprised myself twice within six months.After working as an English language editor and writer for over two decades, I suddenly discovered the joy of writing in my mother tongue, Urdu.Then, egged-on by family, friends, well-wishers, and theater veterans, it was time last weekend to take to stage and perform for a discerning audience.The outcome was a labor of love called Mian Biwi aur Wagah – Husband, Wife and the Wagah border (that divides India and Pakistan), a 2-hour-long Urdu ...

EXCLUSIVE: Why Elizabeth Olsen trained with an Iraq War veteran for Wind River

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Anyone with older siblings knows how hard it can be, growing up, to step out of their shadow. When your older siblings are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen — perhaps the most iconic child stars of their generation—it just doesn’t seem possible. Big wonder then, that Elizabeth Olsen — or Lizzy as she likes to be called — went from playing the part of ‘Girl in a Car’ in the Olsen twins movie How the West Was Fun to being one of the best young actors in ...

Mom-shaming: Woman writes heartfelt post on ‘why we’re all good mothers’

Sunday, 6 August 2017

There are days when I don’t want to get dressed in the morning.When I can’t face a healthy breakfast and instead eat too much toast with too much jam knowing I’m setting a bad example to my daughter.There are times when the battle to brush her little teeth is just too much and I give up and leave her to wipe her tear and toothpaste smeared little red face on her own.After all, I’m not perfect. And while the women I see on the school run in their shiny 4x4s seem to be, ...

WATCH: The ultimate full-body dumbbell workout

Sunday, 30 July 2017

This workout consists of 6 exercises, with 12 reps of each exercise and no breaks in-between each exercise.Perform a total of 2-3 sets and rest 60-90 seconds between each set.It works the upper body and lower body, as well as incorporating compound, functional movements for all over conditioning.Before you start, be sure to select your dumbbell weight carefully. If they feel too heavy after a few reps, then then take it down a kilogram or two.   

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