Four Saudis among worlds top 200 billionaires

Four Saudi citizens were named this year in Bloomberg Markets’ inaugural list of the 200 world’s richest people, whose net worth totals $2.7 trillion, about the size of the gross domestic product of France, the fifth-biggest economy in the planet.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, CEO of Kingdom Holding company, topped the list of Saudi billionaires, with $22.9 billion, ranking 20th in the world.

Mohammed al-Amoudi, active in the energy field, is second among Saudis, with $10.1 billion , ranking 100th among the world’s wealthiest.

The third Saudi billionaire is Sulaiman Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi, chairman of Al-Rajhi bank, with $ 7.9 billion, and ranking 140th in the top 200 list.

Mohamed bin Issa Al Jaber, the businessman in the field of resorts and hospitality through MBI international was the last Saudi on the list, ranking 142nd, with a wealth estimated at $7.8bn.

Al-Watan Saudi newspaper reported these figures quoting Bloomberg Markets Magazine, which will published in the magazine’s December 2012 issue, showcasing the 200 mega rich and their fortunes this year through Oct. 5.

The Mexican Carlos Slim, a telecommunication tycoon, tops the list with $77.5bn, followed by Microsoft CEO Bill Gates with $64.34 billion, then the Spanish Amancio Ortega, founder of Inditex SA, the world’s largest clothing retailer, with $53.6bn, followed by Warren Buffet with $48.4bn

Last Update: Saturday, 3 November 2012 KSA 18:04 - GMT 15:04

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Four Saudis among worlds top 200 billionaires
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