Egypt, Russia resume flights halted after 2015 attack

President Putin shakes hands with Abdel Fattah el-Sisi after in Cairo on December 11, 2017. (AFP)

Egypt and Russia have resumed direct flights more than two years after they were suspended in the wake of a bombing that brought down a Russian passenger plane over the Sinai Peninsula.

Egypt’s flagship airline EgyptAir said a Moscow-bound flight took off from Cairo on Thursday, and that it will operate three such flights a week. An Aeroflot flight from Moscow arrived in Cairo early Thursday.

Direct flights between Russia and Egypt’s popular Red Sea resorts have yet to resume. Moscow suspended flights after the 2015 attack, which killed all 224 people on board and was claimed by ISIS.

Egypt has worked to boost airport security since then, hoping to resume the flights in order to bolster its vital tourism sector.

Last Update: Thursday, 12 April 2018 KSA 12:05 - GMT 09:05

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Egypt, Russia resume flights halted after 2015 attack
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