Bahrain says it signed $3.8 billion deal for F-16 jets

A F-16 fighter jet takes off during the Bahrain International Air Show in Sakir Base, south of Manama, January 17, 2014. (Reuters)

Bahrain on Tuesday announced it had signed a $3.8 billion deal with Lockheed Martin for 16 upgraded F-16 fighter jets.

The Bahrain Defense Force signed the agreement with the US company during a defense exhibition in the country, home to the US Fifth Fleet, the state-run BNA news agency reported. US President Donald Trump has eased restrictions on arms sales to countries including Bahrain.

In March, Al Arabiya reported that the administration of President Donald Trump has expressed its intention to proceed with a $5 billion deal to sell Bahrain 19 Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters and related equipment, a deal was suspended Last year due to of concerns over human rights.

Last Update: Wednesday, 18 October 2017 KSA 09:25 - GMT 06:25

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Bahrain says it signed $3.8 billion deal for F-16 jets
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