WATCH: Day 1 of Saudi Future Investment Initiative 2018

Al Arabiya Senior Business Presenter Nadine Hani moderates a panel session at the FII 2018. (Al Arabiya)

The high profile second edition of the Saudi Future Investment Initiative Forum (FII) – dubbed “Davos in the Desert” has kicked off on Tuesday in Riyadh with more than More than 150 speakers across 40 sessions and workshops.

The FII forum will see an agenda program built around the latest global business, investment and technology trends, featuring over 120 speakers and moderators, in more than 35 sessions over 3 days.

World leaders, investors and innovators will discuss the role of companies, governments and global institutions in working together to achieve prosperity and growth on the long term.

Last Update: Tuesday, 23 October 2018 KSA 19:24 - GMT 16:24

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WATCH: Day 1 of Saudi Future Investment Initiative 2018
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