Find out about the largest gold mine in Saudi Arabia

A worker holds up a 17kg rock at the Al Amar gold mine, 200km southwest of Riyadh, May 28, 2008. (File photo: Reuters)

Al-Duwaihi is the largest gold mine in Saudi Arabia, located at Al-Khurma province. The mine accounts for more than half of Saudi Arabia’s gold productions.

Saudi Arabia’s mining company Ma’aden invested more than $400 million (1.5 billion riyals) in its construction, infrastructure and facilities.

Al-Duwaihi Gold Mine is the largest in Saudi Arabia, with an average production of 180,000 ounces a year, hosting more than 500 gold miners.

The mine has a qualitative environmental value as it raised Ma’aden’s production to about 300 ounces of gold a year.

In addition, the company has devised a method to provide water for operational purposes through the implementation of a 450 km pipeline of sewage treated water from Taif province to the mine site.

The treated water is utilized for the industrial extraction of gold, and the investments in the project has reached $160 million (600 million riyals).

Al-Duwaihi Gold Mine's production capacity is about two million tons per annum of crude gold, in addition to other mines run by Ma’aden in different regions located at “the cradle of gold - Balgha, Al-Skhaybirat, Al-Amar and Al-Souq”.

Last Update: Thursday, 3 August 2017 KSA 16:57 - GMT 13:57

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Find out about the largest gold mine in Saudi Arabia
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