WATCH: Kurdish YPG release video of French ISIS member Emilie’s confession


Two videotaped interviews were released by the Kurdish People’s Protection units (YPG) interviewing one of the most infamous French extremists, Emilie Koenig, who played an important role in online recruiting and propagating for ISIS from Syria.

After being arrested by the group last month, Koenig, 33, stayed at a concentration camp with her three children which also housed other French families who joined ISIS.

The video did not clarify when or where the interview took place, but Koenig is seen without her face veil wearing a pink sweater and speaking in broken Arabic. In the second video, she speaks French.

Koenig said that she was treated well in the Hol concentration camp where she was provided with “blankets, bed, food, coat, everything” she said.

However, Koenig’s mother told The Local newspaper last month that in a phone call her daughter said that she was being tortured and interrogated, with very little food supply and was moved to three different locations already.

Koenig’s defense attorney, Bruno Phinay, said that these videos are proof that Koenig is very cooperative, hoping that French authorities would take that into consideration and try to help her.

But the lawyer questioned the circumstances surrounding the videotape saying, "According to some details about her living situation there that I know about, it looks like she has been ordered to say some of these things.”

Koenig, who had already appeared on a UN watch list in September 2014, was added to the US State Department's list for encouraging sympathizers in France to attack French government institutions, according to The Local.

Last Update: Tuesday, 9 January 2018 KSA 11:14 - GMT 08:14

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WATCH: Kurdish YPG release video of French ISIS member Emilie’s confession
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