Who are the most prominent foreign prisoners in Saudi Arabia?

Fifty-nine Yemenis were arrested during the last 137 days. (File photo: Al Arabiya)

The total number of those detained over terrorist charges in Saudi general intelligence prisons is 5,345. Most of them, 4,439, are Saudis. However they include many foreigners such as Yemenis, Egyptians and Sudanese.

The number of Yemeni prisoners is 326. The most prominent ones are Abdulrahman Fares Amer al-Marri who was involved in forming three terrorist cells in four cities and Osama Ahmad Mohammed al-Rajhi and his brother Mohammed who were involved in shooting a retired brigadier-general in Jazan, south of Saudi Arabia, last February.

There are also Ahmed Yasser al-Kaldy and Ammar Ali Mohammed whose arrest thwarted ISIS suicide bombings against two defense ministry buildings in Riyadh. Ahmed and Ammar were arrested before reaching their targets.

Fifty-nine Yemenis were arrested during the last 137 days, Okaz added.

As for Egyptians, there are 64 detainees. The most prominent one is Talha Hesham Mohammed Abdu who was detained in January 2016 while attempting to carry out a suicide bombing in Imam Rida Mosque in Mahasen neighborhood in al-Ahsa region of the Eastern Province. Talha’s accomplice detonated himself killing some and injuring others while Talha could not detonate himself. It later turned out that he arrived to the kingdom on a visit visa to see his father who is a resident there. Another prominent Egyptian detainee is Omar Abdu Abdulhamid al-Zoghbi who is involved in three networks that operate in four cities.

Fourteen Egyptians were detained in the past 137 days. The first Egyptian was detained in 2003 for joining al-Qaeda. He’s currently serving a prison sentence.

The number of Sudanese detainees in the kingdom is 23. The most dangerous one is Abdulazeem al-Taher Abdullah Ibrahim. Two of the 23 were arrested over their attempt to blow up King Abdullah Sports City.


Last Update: Monday, 5 February 2018 KSA 12:26 - GMT 09:26

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Who are the most prominent foreign prisoners in Saudi Arabia?
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