Indian capital to ban open display of non-veg food for hygiene, ‘sentimental’ reasons

A Muslim shopkeeper sells food on the first day of Ramadan near Jama Masjid in the old quarters of Delhi August 23, 2009. (Reuters)

If a civic body in India has its way, non-vegetarian food displayed in the open on stalls outside restaurants and eateries of South Delhi would soon be prohibited. According to a news report, the decision is being taken for ‘hygiene’ and ‘sentimental’ reasons.

The resolution approved in the last house of the BJP-ruled South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) will come for final confirmation in the next meeting on January 3 before policies outlining terms and conditions are finally framed, the Hindustan Times report said.

The resolution says that food items displayed in the open posed a danger of “contamination” and also “hurt the sentiments of vegetarian public”. “If restaurant owners are found displaying non-vegetarian items in public, action against them should be taken as per the municipal law,” the proposal stated.

Shawarma too!

According to the news report, any popular restaurants serving non-vegetarian food display items such as roasted chicken, kebabs and shawarma.

Leader of the house said that the concern of the councillors was hygiene and sentiments of vegetarian people adding that the proposal had come from members in the health committee of the house.

“It has been observed that shops displaying non-veg outside their premises attracts dogs and raise hygiene issue. Besides, it is also about hurting the sentiments of people who are vegetarian,” she said.

Last Update: Friday, 29 December 2017 KSA 12:52 - GMT 09:52

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Indian capital to ban open display of non-veg food for hygiene, ‘sentimental’ reasons
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