Damning message to ISIS from Istanbul victim’s brother

The brother of a Jordanian killed in the recent attack on the Reina nightclub in Istanbul sent a message to ISIS during an interview with Al Arabiya News channel.

Nawras Assaf’s brother, Mahiar, was speaking to Al Arabiya during a gathering to mourn their late relative when he sent the message of condemnation against the extremist group, who claimed responsibility for the attack on New Year’s Eve.

“I just want to know who they think they are? To put themselves in a position when God is the only one who could put himself in this position to take anyone’s life,” Mahiar told ISIS in a message spoken in English on Al Arabiya News.

“If they are saying they are protecting God, then God doesn’t want you to protect him. God can destroy the whole world with one word. So I want all of ISIS to hear and step to the side and wake up to what you are doing because you are not going anywhere,” he added.

Christian-Jordanian Assaf was among the 39 confirmed dead in the attack, 17 of whom were Arabs.

His wife survived the attack but is in critical condition in an intensive care unit.

Last Update: Monday, 2 January 2017 KSA 18:37 - GMT 15:37

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Damning message to ISIS from Istanbul victim’s brother
Mahiar Assaf’s was speaking to Al Arabiya during a mourning gathering to condemn the extremist group for killing his brother
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