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November 19, 2014
U.N. slams Iran, Syria over rights record

The U.N. human rights committee adopted on Tuesday two resolutions strongly condemning Iran and Syria’s human rights record, Al Arabiya News Channel’s correspondent ...

Human Rights abuses spiral in Iran: U.N. 'Serial human rights abuser' with close ties to Ahmadinejad arrested in Iran
The assailants behind the deadly Jerusalem attack

Following an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue that left four worshippers dead, sparking Palestinian and world condemnation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the ...

Iraq’s anti-ISIS strategy ‘bearing fruit’: U.N.

The new Iraqi government’s strategy of enlisting Kurds and local tribes in the fight against Islamists is yielding results, the U.N. envoy for Iraq told the Security Council ...

Viral return? 2nd Egypt bird flu death in two days

An Egyptian woman died of the bird flu on Tuesday, marking the second casualty the virus claimed in two days, Egypt’s al-Ahram state-owned newspaper reported. The 30-year-old ...

Indonesian capital gets a Christian governor

A Christian has been appointed governor of Indonesia’s Jakarta, the capital city of the country with the world’s largest Muslim population, the Associated Press ...

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Spanish MPs urge govt to recognize Palestine
Syria Kurds advance in heart of Kobane
U.N. slams Iran, Syria over rights record
Hezbollah leader visits top Shiite cleric
Indonesian police criticized over virginity tests
Tunisia dictator son-in-law returns, is jailed
Saudi king hails Riyadh pact, urges Egypt cooperation
Saudi Arabia sees 1.2 mbpd of new refining capacity by 2020
‘Foodex Saudi 2014’ offers competitive opportunities
Egypt making slow progress on genital mutilation
Under Modi, Israel and India forge deeper ties
ADMS: Facebook shuns ‘full regulation’ despite ISIS threat
Queen Rania: ISIS using media to ‘hijack’ Arab world
Love and murder: Insight on the gripping ‘Serial’ podcast
Chris Hemsworth named 'sexiest man alive' by People magazine
Kim Kardashian to land in Dubai for perfume tour next week
Death threats to Egypt singer after anti-ISIS song
Biggest ever crowd to watch Abu Dhabi grand prix as tickets sell out
Qatar wins bid to host international athletics championship
Queen Rania: ISIS using media to ‘hijack’ Arab world
Doha-based Qaradawi rejects UAE blacklisting
‘Abandoned’ Yazidis seek U.S. action from White House trip
Nearly 36 mln people are slaves, Qatar in focus
Iran to have Internet ‘smart filtering’ within months