Saudi volunteers reap rewards of distributing Ramadan meals

A volunteer distributes Iftar meal packets to motorists at a traffic light in Baha, KSA, on Thursday. (Photo courtesy: SPA)

Traffic lights and intersections near the Grand Mosque in Makkah are full of volunteers distributing meals for Iftar (breaking of the Ramadan fast).

Some work as volunteers independently, while others are affiliated with local volunteer organizations.

Okaz/Saudi Gazette spoke with Abdullah Qasim, one of the volunteers.

Qasim said he views the distribution of Iftar meals as following the positive example of the Prophet Muhammad and an endeavor that strengthens social bonds.

He added that he and his friends visit a different district each day and distribute Iftar meals from 5 p.m. until the Maghreb call to prayer.

While he finds great pleasure in receiving people’s gratitude, he explained that volunteer work is rewarding both socially and religiously.

Qasim expressed his delight in what he described as the annual increase in the number of volunteers.

Last Update: Saturday, 27 July 2013 KSA 12:44 - GMT 09:44

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Saudi volunteers reap rewards of distributing Ramadan meals
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