Suspicious run-outs in Ajman cricket match prompt investigation


A game in the Ajman All-Stars T20 League involving a number of suspicious run-outs between Dubai Star and Sharjah Warriors prompted an investigation by the International Cricket Council Anti-Corruption Unit (ICC ACU).

The Dubai Star team was chasing 136 but could only manage a surprising 46 runs. During the game, batsmen were mistiming their runs therefore getting easily stumped by wicket keepers. The batters would also charge at the bowler after missing a ball leaving the crease wide open, the Sun reported.

The match even caught the attention of Nick Cummins, the CEO of Cricket Tasmania, who tweeted about it.

The ICC ACU are investigating claims saying that the match was fixed and corrupted after a video of the match went viral.

“We consider there to be strong evidence to indicate this was a corrupt event and damaging to the wider reputation of cricket and as such will continue the investigation,” the newspaper reported ICC ACU General Manager Alex Marshall as saying.

All matches at the Ajman Oval stadium where the match took place were suspended by the Ajman Cricket Council.

Last Update: Monday, 5 February 2018 KSA 12:07 - GMT 09:07

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Suspicious run-outs in Ajman cricket match prompt investigation
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