Real Madrid backs FIFA’s plans for 24-team Club World Cup

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after the match against Juventus in the Champions League quarter final second leg in Madrid. (Reuters)

Reigning Club World Cup champion Real Madrid is supporting plans to expand the tournament to 24 teams following a meeting at FIFA.

The Spanish team has won the last two editions of the tournament which is currently played annually in December and features only seven teams.

An expanded Club World Cup would be played every four years in June or July with 12 representatives from Europe.

Madrid official Emilio Butragueno says “we think for fans it would be an interesting competition.”

A FIFA briefing document on the project said clubs would share prize money totaling 75 percent of at least $3 billion revenue from each Club World Cup edition which would be guaranteed by a consortium of investors.

The 2017 edition in the UAE earned $37 million revenue for FIFA, with Madrid the European representative alongside the other continental champions and the host nation's league winner.

Last Update: Monday, 14 May 2018 KSA 23:39 - GMT 20:39

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Real Madrid backs FIFA’s plans for 24-team Club World Cup
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