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Al Arabiya English is the English-language service of the Al Arabiya News Channel, the leading 24-hour news station in the Arab world.
The website launched in August 2007 as a bridge between the Arabic-language television channel and the English-speaking world.
It relaunched in November 2013 featuring a groundbreaking new design and unique View More video service, which offers fully searchable, subtitled clips from the Arabic TV station.
Al Arabiya English seeks to reach an international audience in order to deepen understanding of Arab societies, cultures and economies. Key elements of the site include:

> Groundbreaking journalism: The best interviews and exclusive stories from the Al Arabiya News Channel, in English and original devised by our own team of journalists and writers.

 >Video: The latest videos from our Arabic-language channel, and other providers’ content.

> Opinion: The Opinion section contains views and commentary from prominent writers such as Abdulrahman al-Rashed, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Joyce Karam writing from the United States and number other international experts and opinion writers from around the globe.

> Strong visuals: Our Photo Galleries section features striking images from across the Arab world.

> Social media: Live updates from the site via Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

AlArabiya.net »

The Arabic-language AlArabiya.net came into being in 2004, a year after the Al Arabiya News Channel first hit the airwaves.
AlArabiya.net is a pioneer in online journalism in Arabic, and aspires to be the most reliable source of news and analysis about the Middle East. Versions in Farsi and Urdu followed in March 2008, catering specifically to audiences in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and parts of the Indian subcontinent.
In the month of November 2006 alone, readers visited 22 million pages on AlArabiya.net, surpassing all other audited websites in the Arab world, according to figures from ABCe.

Al Arabiya News Channel »

The Al Arabiya News Channel, a 24/7 free-to-air news and current affairs satellite outlet, was launched in 2003 and soon became the news source of choice for Arabs seeking credible news and information about the Middle East and the world beyond. Al Arabiya’s reputation for sober and balanced reporting now extends beyond its natural geographic and cultural domain, i.e. the Middle East. A number of renowned international news organizations and research institutes interested in the Arab and Islamic worlds regularly monitor Al Arabiya.
Al Arabiya runs an extensive global network of correspondents and reporters to provide its audiences with the latest updates, scoops, interviews, and exclusives. With nearly 30 offices around the world and large-scale presence in several key countries such as Iraq, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Yemen; Al Arabiya enjoys a competitive edge in providing on-the-ground, first hand coverage of major events of relevance to its audience and the world at large.
Al Arabiya’s charter embodies an independent editorial policy based on providing its viewers with a speedy news service and balanced analysis that is thoughtfully accurate, comprehensive and objective.

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How are we doing?

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