Saudi Arabia to open up for tourists next year

Friday, 24 November 2017

The Kingdom aims to start issuing tourist visas to foreigners next year, a senior Saudi official told CNN, as the government seeks to find new sources of revenue to diversify its economy. At present, foreigners traveling to Saudi Arabia are largely restricted to resident workers and their dependents, business travelers, and Muslim pilgrims who are given special visas to travel to holy sites. “The targets are people who want to come and literally experience this country, and really the ...

Bride of the Red Sea gets a facelift

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Soon, Jeddah will have a new, renovated and a state-of-the-art coastal front that is sure to provide quiet enjoyment with popular seaside entertainment and community facilities. This new seafront is sure to be an attractive and must-see destination for the people of Jeddah and visitors from all over the Kingdom.The size of this new seafront can harbor more than 120,000 people at the same time. The sheer numbers that it can hold is sure to provide a place for families and friends to visit, making ...

Mahmoud Ahmad

Forest Whitaker and Arab stars crown closing ceremony of El Gouna Film Festival

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Egypt’s El-Gouna Film Festival, GFF, wrapped up its first edition with smashing success amid huge presence of top Egyptian, Arab stars and international guests. The star-studded red carpet brought to red sea resort middle-eastern celebrities including actress Yussra, Bushra, Aser Yassin, Amina Khalil, Nelly Karim, Hana Shiha, and many more. US star Forest Whitake received an honorary Career Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to the filmmaking industry. Among the ...

Sudan’s Red Sea eco-resort to kick start tourism season

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Sudan’s only Red Sea eco-resort is looking to attract regional and international divers to kick start the tourism season in the country. The Red Sea Resort, which is 27 kilometers north of Port Sudan is located only 211 nautical miles from Jeddah and has become the first Sudanese resort to acquire Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) license. Despite the length of the beaches of the Red Sea in Sudan, 750 kilometers, and the fact that it is characterized by unique ...

Royal Saudi Navy Chief: Bab al-Mandeb and Red Sea security paramount

Thursday, 31 August 2017

The commander of the Saudi Royal Navy stressed the importance of maritime security in the southern Red Sea, strait of Bab al-Mandab and the Gulf of Aden.Vice Admiral Abdullah bin Sultan al-Sultan commended the role and efforts exerted by the Arab Coalition countries led by the Kingdom to maintain the security of these important water ways and counter the Houthi threat to international maritime traffic.Admiral al-Sultan said the statements as he delivered a speech on behalf of the Saudi Royal ...

Couple in Egypt commit suicide to explore ‘what happens after death’

Friday, 18 August 2017

An Irish woman and her Egyptian husband committed suicide, by drowning themselves in a swimming pool in a villa in Hurghada on the Red Sea coast in Egypt. Apparently, the couple sought to discover the other world and know what happens after death. Major General Hossam Kamal, director of the Red Sea Security, received a report that an Egyptian citizen and his Irish wife were found dead in a swimming pool in a villa owned by their friend and the bodies were taken to the morgue in Hurghada General ...

First Egyptian with Down Syndrome to cross the English Channel

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Swimmer Mohamed Al-Husseini will be the first Egyptian swimmer with Down Syndrome to cross the English channel. 18-year-old Al-Husseini will cross the English channel, from the South of England to the North of France in August reported Egyptian Streets. Al-Husseini is training with the Stroke For Egypt, a swimming complex in Hurghada where he practices for ten hours daily. He believes he will finish the 36-kilometer marathon in 15 hours nonstop. Al-Husseini who lives in the UAE is set to raise ...

Houthi missile launched towards Saudi Arabia lands in Red Sea

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Houthi militias failed to launch a ballistic missile towards Saudi Arabia from Hajjah in Yemen, an Al Arabiya correspondent reported on Tuesday. Sources said the missile most likelt fell in international waters in the Red Sea. The Patriot Missile Defense System of the Arab coalition in Yemen also intercepted a ballistic missile in Ma’rib which Houthi militias and forces loyal to ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh launched towards the city. Local sources said the missile was destroyed ...

Egypt transfers Red Sea knife attacker to mental hospital

Monday, 7 August 2017

Egypt’s top national security prosecutor has ordered the transfer of an Egyptian man who stabbed three foreign tourists to death at a Red Sea resort in July to a mental hospital for psychiatric evaluation, state news agency MENA said on Monday. Security sources told Reuters that Abdel Rahman Shaban Abokorah had tried to join ISIS and investigators had initially recommended he face charges of terrorism, in what was the first major attack on foreign tourists since a similar ...

Saudi Arabia to ease rules for Red Sea tourists

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Saudi Arabia has announced plans to build a "semi-autonomous" visa-free travel destination along its northwestern Red Sea coast. The Red Sea area will include diving attractions and a nature reserve in the tourist haven.The resort area will be developed with seed capital from the country's Public Investment Fund.The fund said Monday the project will be built along 200 kilometers of coastline and is tailored toward global luxury travelers and those seeking wellness travel, a genre ...

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