VIDEO: Saudi women directors excited about cinema coming to the kingdom

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Saudi women film directors expressed their excitement over the announcement that cinema is finally coming to Saudi Arabia. Saudi women filmmakers Hajar al-Naim and Hanaa Saleh al-Fassi spoke to Al Arabiya at Dubai International Film Festival about how the decision reflects the new open-to-the-world approach Saudi Arabia is embracing. “We are changing because we are open to other cultures and perspectives,” said al-Naim. The Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information stated, on Monday, ...

Saudi female drivers now in high demand by Uber, Careem

Sunday, 15 April 2018

An hour after a Saudi royal decree was announced in September allowing women to drive, ride-hailing company Careem launched a campaign to recruit 100,000 female drivers in the kingdom. Uber shortly followed pursuit launching a two-year initiative while pledging over $250,000 in order to make driving schools more accessible for women who are interested to learn how to drive and provide part-time economic opportunities for them as drivers for Uber. Both companies hope to tap into a fairly large ...

WATCH: Elderly Saudi woman happily sings while driving in the rain

Monday, 9 April 2018

An elderly Saudi woman expressed her joy for driving in the rain on one of the kingdom's highways by singing old folklore songs in the driver’s seat of her car. A video of the telling yet funny incident went viral on social media platforms. The video, which was shot by the woman’s friend who was in the passenger’s seat, received a lot of attention where Twitter users noted that it shows that women can indeed control a moving vehicle, even in less-than-ideal weather situations. ...

Mohammed bin Salman on Saudi women’s rights and the guardianship laws

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said there was no difference between men and women in Islam and that half of Saudi Arabia's population were made up of women and that they were paid equally to their male counterparts in the public sector.The crown prince’s statements on women’s rights in Saudi Arabia came during his interview with The Atlantic’s Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg published on Monday.“I support Saudi Arabia, and half of Saudi Arabia is women. So I ...

Saudi transport ministry prepares women to drive cars safely

Monday, 12 March 2018

In preparation to implement Saudi King Salman’s decree allowing women to drive, the Saudi Ministry of Transport invited Saudi Women to its "Safe Driving Environment" forum to test driving simulations using the ministry's smart transportation system. The Ministry of Transport in Saudi Arabia has provided an opportunity for Saudi women to experience safe driving in preparation for the implementation of the Royal Order in June. The official account of the ministry invited women via ...

Group of Saudis break boundaries, jog in Jeddah to celebrate Women’s Day

Friday, 9 March 2018

A group of women whooped and cheered as they marked International Women’s Day by exercising a recently acquired freedom: the right to go for a jog in the streets of Jeddah. Wearing big smiles and traditional full-length robes adapted for sports, they pounded through sleepy alleys past puzzled shopkeepers in Jeddah’s historic district. Women in the kingdom are hopeful of huge changes. The government introduced physical education for girls last year and began licensing women’s ...

How 2017 has made 2018 a landmark year for women in Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The past 12 months has seen an exciting string of landmark reforms that have granted Saudi women with greater freedoms in the kingdom. The changes fall under the government's Vision 2030 which is committed to enable women to play a greater role in the economy, with a target to lift women in the workforce to 30 percent by 2030 from 22 percent. Below are snippets of several stories that Al Arabiya English has published in the past year that have been an example of the changes impacting women. A ...

Saudi women can now work as tourist guides

Monday, 5 March 2018

Saudi women can now become tourist guides and obtain licenses from the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH).Badr al-Obaid, director of the hospitality sector at SCTNH, said that starting this year Saudi women can get licenses to work as tourist guides.He advised women to check the SCTNH website to know the regulations required to obtain the tourist guide license.Speaking at the Women Empowerment and Integration Forum in Jeddah on Sunday, he said the SCTNH is keen to ...

Know who are the three Saudi women appointed in top roles by royal decree

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Saudi King Salman appointed three women in top leading roles via an official royal decree on Monday Night. The first is Dr. Tamadr bint Yousif Al-Rammah, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Development. She holds a PhD in Radiology and Medical Engineering from the University of Manchester's School of Medicine, and was a Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs for Saudization. Professor Kawther bint Mousa Al-Arbash was also appointed as a member of the Board of Trustees of the King Abdulaziz ...

Want to be a female soldier in Saudi Arabia’s military? Here are the rules

Monday, 26 February 2018

The Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry’s General Security division has started accepting applications of women interested in joining the military as soldiers. The position is available in seven different areas of the kingdom including Riyadh, Mecca, Madina, al-Qusaim, Asir, al-Bahah and the Eastern Province. According to the security division, the applicants must be of Saudi origin and upbringing with the exception of women who lived abroad due to their fathers’ government work. The ...

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