Yemeni armed forces gain control over Kitaf, raise the country’s flag

Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Yemeni armed forces raised on Saturday the country’s flag on the roofs of the liberated buildings in Kitaf directorate in Saada governorate. This move came in the heels of the military advancement of the army backed by the Arab coalition. On Friday the Yemeni army gained control over al-Etfayn in Kitaf directorate and raised the country’s flag over a government building. Meanwhile, Yemeni media outlets quoted a military leader in Yemeni armed forces that the military is close to ...

40 Houthis killed in intense fighting in Yemen’s Hodeidah

Friday, 11 May 2018

Reports from Yemen said 40 Houthis were killed on Friday morning during intense fighting on the western coast of al-Hodeidah city west of the country. Among the casualties was  Mohammed Abdul Rehman al-Shahaar, a Houthi leader. The intense fighting erupted on Friday between Houthi militias on one hand and joint forces from labor and resistance brigades in Tahama and other forces led by brigadier Tariq Saleh, the son of slain ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, according to Yemeni sources. ...

UN intensifies inspection of aid ships to Yemen

Friday, 6 April 2018

The United Nations is beefing up its inspections of ships bringing humanitarian aid to Yemen to ensure that no military items are being smuggled and to speed up delivery of desperately-needed relief supplies, UN and Saudi officials say. The move comes as the armed Houthi movement controlling much of northern Yemen steps up attacks on the kingdom, hitting a Saudi oil tanker on Tuesday. The Arab coalition said overnight that Riyadh's air defense had intercepted a missile aimed at Jazan city. ...

Yemen’s army controls strategic heights in Saada

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Yemen's national army has made progress on the ground in the front ‘Alab north of the province of Saada, close to Saudi Arabia’s border after seizing back strategic heights in the Directorate of Baqm following battles with the Houthi militias. Brigadier General Saleh Qaroush, the commander of the fifth brigade of the border guards in Yemen’s army, said in a statement to Al Arabiya that a special unit was able to carry out a successful infiltration into the positions of the ...

Yemen security forces seize shipment of weapons on its way to the Houthis

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Yemeni security forces seized a shipment of weapons on their way to the Houthi militia in Sanaa on Wednesday. Security sources revealed that one of the security forces at a check point, in Marib province east of Sanaa seized the shipment. The weapons ranged from missile launchers, Kalashnikovs, explosives, which were hidden carefully in a large truck. Yemeni security services in Marib (east of Sanaa), seized more than once shipments of weapons and military equipment on the way to the Iran backed ...

Yemen: At least 70 Houthis killed in Hajjah

Friday, 9 March 2018

During the past two days, the Houthi militias suffered heavy losses following battles carried out by Yemen’s army with the support of the Arab coalition forces in south of the Midi Front in the province of Hajjah. A military source in the fifth zone, reported that at least 70 Houthis were killed and others wounded including Houthi leader Abu al-Leith Al Zakari, during the past two days. The source pointed out that the coalition aircrafts and the Yemen’s army artillery accurately ...

Arab Coalition forces destroy weapons depot for Houthis in Hajjah

Friday, 16 February 2018

The Arab coalition forces launched air strikes in Yemen, on Friday, targeting a site and weapons depot belonging to the Houthi militia north-west of the province of Hajjah. Al Arabiya correspondent reported that the fighters targeted a security checkpoint and a weapons storehouse in the Directorate of Hiran. According to a military source, the jets targeted the Houthi locations, after monitoring their movements from the joint operations room. The Yemeni army revealed on Thursday that 40 Houthi ...

Yemeni army kills 40 Houthis advancing near Midi front

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Dozens of Houthi militants were killed on Wednesday after fierce clashes with Yemen's national army supported by coalition fighters in the district of Midi west of Hajjah. Al Arabiya correspondent in Yemen said that 40 elements of the Houthis were killed in raids by the coalition fighters in Midi Front, to support the movement of the National Army forces. A military source confirmed that a number of sites and machinery belonging to the Houthis were accurately hit, especially in the western ...

Arab coalition forces intensify strikes in Saada

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Arab coalition forces in Yemen destroyed a communications room belonging to the Houthi militia on the western front of Saada after intense airstrikes. According to Al Arabiya correspondent in Yemen, the joint operations room of the coalition forces spotted a cannon, a communications room, three military vehicles carrying Houthi militants on the western front of Saada, which is one of the fronts where battles between the Houthis and the National Army are ongoing. Another source also confirmed ...

Arab coalition forces destroy Houthi missile targeting Al-Mukha in Yemen

Saturday, 10 February 2018

The Arab coalition’s Patriot air defense systems intercepted a ballistic missile fired by the Houthi militia from Ras Kutayb area of Hodeidah province in the direction of Al-Mukha city in Taiz province western Yemen. According to local sources, the missile was destroyed before reaching the target. The coalition fighters targeted by an air strike a location controlled by the militia in the city of Hodeidah, which is believed to be the launch site, the sources said. The Yemeni army, backed ...

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