Abu Dhabi University launches Happiness course as part of UAE’s positivity drive

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

As part of its Public Health program, the UAE's Abu Dhabi University (ADU) is introducing its first happiness course as one of the core requirements to complete the program. The course will be taught across campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The course is set to focus on defining happiness, positive psychology as well as practice and application, reported Gulf News. The course entitled “The Introduction to Happiness and Positive Psychology” will highlight the optimistic side of human ...

UAE passport stamp is ‘a smiley’ for International Day of Happiness

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

To celebrate The International Day of Happiness, The United Arab Emirates introduced an innovative and cheerful passport stamp that features a smiley emoji. The International Day of Happiness is celebrated worldwide every March 20. The UAE also organized a carnival parade to celebrate the International Day of Happiness roaming the streets of the capital. The International Day of Happiness was conceptualized and founded by philanthropist, activist, statesman, and prominent United Nations special ...

Dubai’s World Government Summit kick starts with focus on happiness

Sunday, 11 February 2018

The sixth edition of Dubai’s World Government Summit kick started with a focus on happiness where the founder of the World Database of Happiness, Professor Ruut Veenhoven, spoke about how happiness can be measured by countries, Gulf News reported.Veenhoven discussed the findings of the database, more interestingly, that the level of happiness in most countries has generally increased even though income inequality has also increased.“That illustrates that income isn’t everything ...

There’s now a ‘Happiness Bank’ in Dubai

Saturday, 10 February 2018

A “Happiness Bank” has been established at the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) in the UAE. The new innovation aspires to prompt active and motivated employees working in government organizations, reported Khaleej Times on Thursday. The idea was inspired and created by Amna al-Bedwawi, an e-content editor at the e-Government Development Department. The way the kiosk-like vendor works is that employees earn points, collected through “tokens of appreciation” given to them ...

Einstein note on happy living sells for $1.56 mln: Auction house

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A note that Albert Einstein gave to a courier in Tokyo briefly describing his theory on happy living sold at auction in Jerusalem on Tuesday for $1.56 million, the auction house said.The winning bid for the note far exceeded the pre-auction estimated price of between $5,000 and $8,000, according to the Winner’s auction house website.The buyer was a European who wished to remain anonymous, a spokesman for the auction house said.“I am really happy that there are people out there who ...

Yes, you can buy happiness - if you spend it to save time

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Yes, you can buy happiness - especially if the money saves you time.People who dole out cash to save time on things like housekeeping, delivery services and taxis are a little bit happier than those who don’t, new research finds.Researchers surveyed more than 6,000 people in four countries and also ran an experiment, giving people $40 for two weeks. One week, they had to buy something material, like a shirt. The next week, they paid to save themselves time. People said they felt happier ...

An opportunity like no other

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Mother’s Day was celebrated two days ago. It is true that love for your mother must be constant and not linked to a single day but March 21 is an occasion to renew one’s vows.It is needless to say that people love you for various reasons, except for a mother whose love knows no boundaries and who loves unconditionally.A mother with all her generosity does not belong to this world but to eternity. Heaven lies under the feet of a mother. The mother is the most tender and warmest person ...

Turki Aldakhil

Here are the world’s happiest countries

Monday, 20 March 2017

According to the 2017 World Happiness Report issued by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Norway is now the world’s happiest country. Gulf and Arab countries topped the list of the happiest countries in the world for 2017, while Syria was among the least happy countries. The UAE came at the forefront of Arab countries ranking 21st, followed by Qatar which came 35th, then Saudi Arabia 37th, Kuwait 39th and Bahrain 41st. It came as no surprise that Syria was ranked 152nd, among ...

An ode to the prisoners of happiness

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Hard work is something noble, being elegant is beautiful but social welfare is a human right

Yasser Hareb

Arab action for happiness is need of the hour

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Researchers argue that true happiness depends on social capital and not only on financial resources

Samar Fatany

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