MENA one of the largest groups of active users on Twitter Moments

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region represents one of the largest groups of active users on Twitter Moments and we have witnessed high levels of interest from our audience, Hebatallah Wahab, Head of Moments on MENA at Twitter has said. “Stories unfold on Twitter across multiple Tweets and points of view every day. With Moments, people can bring together their favorite Tweets, whether from their own or someone else’s, into one moment,” Wahab said. ALSO ...

VIDEO: Isobel Abulhoul on books, technology, Arab authors & literature festival

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

“What has been so incredible for me is how many world class speakers are also writers and these are the movers and shakers of government policy, of trips to Mars, you name it, they are here”. This is how Isobel Abulhoul, the CEO and Trustee of Emirates Literature Foundation and Festival Director, described the World Government Summit in Dubai last week, speaking exclusively to Al Arabiya English. As the Emirates Festival of Literature is just round the corner, she understandably got ...

The need for better children’s books for Arabs who live abroad

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

As soon as my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our daughter Samya, who was born last March, we knew we wanted to raise her to speak Arabic. Since my husband is a midwestern from Kansas who didn’t know what zaatar was and refused to eat plain yogurt until he met me, we decided we were going to follow the OPOL method. One parent one language. I would speak to her in Arabic and my husband would speak to her in English. (Check back with me in two years to see if it works!) ...

VIDEO: 300-year-old Anglo Arabic school struggles for identity in India

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

An Anglo-Arabic school in India, which was established in the year 1696, has been fighting for identity and resources ever since the British introduced the English language. The school in Delhi, which was established during the time of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, was ransacked during the mutiny of 1857. Anglo Arabic Secondary School was then a seat of learning for languages such as Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Sanskrit and English and now battles lack of resources.  

Arabic among top five ‘languages for the future’ in post-Brexit UK

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, French and German are the languages the UK will need most once the UK leaves the European Union, a new research has revealed. According to the report, only a third of Britons can hold a conversation in another language with language learning in UK schools facing a “difficult climate”.The ‘Languages for the Future’ report, released by the British Council today, says now is the moment to initiate a ‘bold new policy’ to improve language ...

Kim Kardashian plays Arabic birthday song during dinner, claims it's Armenian

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian posted a video on Snapchat playing the Arabic version of ‘Happy Birthday’ during her birthday dinner over the weekend. The TV personality – who is of Armenian heritage – said she is celebrating her birthday ‘Armenian style’ in the video – when the song is sung in Arabic not Armenian. Arabs on social media began poking fun at the ‘Keeping with the Kardashians’ star for her mix-up.

As languages vanish, can cultures be far behind?

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

This may sound Greek or Latin to some, but it is a fact that in just the last three generations more than 200 languages have become extinct around the world. About half of around 6,000 languages spoken today are in danger of disappearing and even a simple Google search will tell you that one language dies every two weeks. We are not hitting the panic button yet, however, as this phenomenon seems to be unfolding in far-flung areas and not exactly in our vicinity. It could also be because we have ...

Ehtesham Shahid

WATCH: Ricky Martin busts out Arab-style dance moves at Syrian wedding party

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Several wedding guests attending a Syrian wedding at Glendale, Los Angeles, have shared videos on various social media platforms showing Puerto Rican star Ricky Martin dancing to Arabic tunes. What was most interesting to see was the Latin singer’s attempts to imitate the guests’ dance moves. His most memorable dance of the night was to the late Lebanese singer Tony Hanna’s “Man Sharrada Le Alghazala."  

Do you switch languages within a single sentence? Read this

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

“I sent you the assignment, bass read it lama tkhalsi. Please!” This is Mira Kerbage’s routine message to her friend. In plain English, this is what she said: “I sent you my assignment. Just read it when you are done. Please!” Kerbage has just switched between English and Arabic during the conversation. The phenomenon has come to be known as code switching – a trend catching up among students in the UAE. Here are the reasons why one would code switch ...

Americans discover Arabic calligraphy at the hands of a Saudi Scholar

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Three hours were enough to educate more than 20 students from the US and various nationalities about the basics of Arabic calligraphy on the hands of a Saudi Scholar in the Department of Art Education at the Fort Hays University in Kansas. Calligraphist Abdul Kareem Khawaji presented a historical overview of the history of Arabic calligraphy, its development and diversity throughout the ages, in addition to introducing its tools and methods of writing before moving to practical training with ...

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