Torture of elderly Indian housemaid in Kuwait being investigated

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Kuwait has recently pledged to tackle increasingly reported cases of violence against housemaids in the country. The matter has been prioritized especially after the death of a Filipina worker, which sparked conflict between Kuwait and the Philippines. The worker in question was found dead in a freezer earlier this year. The most recent case taken on board was a complaint by an Indian expat, 22, who claimed that his elder mother, working for a local, was being tortured and held captive. ...

Italian researcher sheds light on Christianity’s past, present in the Gulf

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The book “Christians in the Gulf” by Italian researcher Francesco Strazzari is one of the few studies shedding light on Christians in the Arab Gulf. Strazzari, who is interested in security-related issues and co-existence between Muslims and Christians, said that Christianity in the Arab Gulf must be dealt with via a different logic as it did not originally exist there but later arrived via migration, noting that it’s a must to understand this in order not to categorize ...

Kuwait says reaches deal with Philippines on domestic workers

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Kuwait and the Philippines have signed an agreement regulating some working conditions for domestic workers in the Gulf State, Kuwait’s state news agency KUNA reported on Saturday. The deal may end a two-month crisis sparked by reports that abuse by employers in Kuwait had driven several Filipinos to suicide. The Philippines stopped sending workers to Kuwait in January after a Filipino migrant worker was found dead in a freezer, the latest incident in what Manila called a pattern of ...

Philippines to lift Kuwait labor ban if following measures are in place

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Philippines and Kuwaiti officials are finalizing a bilateral agreement that they hope will lift a current ban on Filipino domestic workers in the Gulf state.According to Filipino Labor Undersecretary Claro Arellano, the agreement will provide for specific provisions that they say will help protect their nationals in Kuwait.The following conditions are expected to be part of the agreement:- Salaries of no less than 120 Kuwaiti dinars or $400 dollars.- Paying salaries regularly via direct deposits ...

Kuwait to reject residency permits to expats struck with cancer, other illnesses

Saturday, 10 March 2018

The State of Kuwait is no longer offering a residency permit to expats suffering from cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and other non-infectious diseases. The new law comes in an effort to reduce expat health costs, reported StepFeed. The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health defined 22 illnesses that terminate eligibility for a permanent residency. The Assistant Undersecretary for General Health Affairs, Majida al-Qattan, said that the law also “comes in line with a GCC council decision which ...

Kuwait Stock Exchange preparing for IPO in first quarter of 2019

Monday, 5 March 2018

The Kuwait Stock Exchange is getting ready for an initial public offering of its shares which could take place in the first quarter of 2019, the bourse chief executive said.About two to three major IPOs are expected to occur in the Kuwaiti market this year and at the beginning of next year, Khaled AbdulRazzaq AlKhaled, CEO of Boursa Kuwait said at a conference in Dubai.“We’re getting ready for an IPO, hopefully by the first quarter of next year. The reason for that is to reinvigorate ...

Kuwait reinstates ban on Bangladeshi workers

Monday, 5 March 2018

Kuwait’s interior ministry reinstated a ban on the recruitment of Bangladeshi workers after months of allowing them to work in the country under tight restrictions.According to the Kuwait Times, workers from Bangladesh could work in the country under certain rules, including having to work for an employer who owns a house.The decision came after a study last week showed that the number of Bangladeshi workers in Kuwait reached over 200,000, the newspaper reported.The decision was made by ...

Kuwait requests Lebanon to handover main suspects in Filipina murder case

Friday, 2 March 2018

The Kuwaiti government has officially requested from the Lebanese government to hand over the Syrian-Lebanese couple responsible for the murder of a Filipina maid. The victim, Joanna Daniela Demafelis, was found in a freezer in Kuwait earlier this year. The Philippines Ambassador to Kuwait, Renato Pedro Villa, said that the government of Kuwait has been preparing murder charges against the couple, reported CNN. According to Villa, officials in Kuwait may deem to have both culprits deported from ...

Kuwait celebrates, between yesterday and today

Monday, 26 February 2018

I recently attended an event organized by the Saudi Information Ministry through the King Fahad Cultural Center to mark Kuwait’s 57th national day. The celebration also marked the 27th anniversary of liberation. These two events represent the link between independence and liberation. Kuwait gained its independence in 1961. It then drafted a constitution and the first parliamentary elections were held on Independence Day. Kuwait then witnessed several developments. Some of them were ...

Mashari Althaydi

Philippines police in pursuit of murdered Filipina worker’s recruiters

Monday, 26 February 2018

The Philippines Police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) is on the hunt for the recruiting company of Joanna Demafelis, the Filipina worker whose body was found in a freezer in Kuwait early February.The Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte had ordered the arrest of those who recruited Demafelis, and to place them under investigation to make sure her contract was fair according to the law.The Filipina, who went missing two years before her body was found, was recruited by ...

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