Dubai pet lion escapes, found roaming the streets

The lion was spotted roaming around al Barsha neighborhood in Dubai. (File: AP)

Residents in the Al Barsha neighborhood of Dubai might have noticed a stranger roaming their streets Thursday when a lion went out for a stroll.

The Dubai-based Gulf News website reports that authorities captured the lion, which had escaped its owner’s home.

Though it is illegal to keep as pets endangered or threatened wildlife in the United Arab Emirates, there have been numerous sightings of Emirati men in their luxury cars accompanied by pet lions along for the cruise.

The thrill of keeping lions, cheetahs and tigers as pets is popular in some quarters of the Gulf, where it’s seen as a status of wealth and power.

In Kuwait, a man was sued in 2014 after his pet lion escaped and attacked a Filipina maid.

Last Update: Friday, 22 January 2016 KSA 18:17 - GMT 15:17

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Dubai pet lion escapes, found roaming the streets
The lion that escaped its owner's home was captured by authorities
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