Burkini creates controversy, ‘forbidden’ on beaches in Lebanon

A Burkini-clad woman with a child take to the waters at the beach. (Supplied)

After controversial debates arose regarding wearing the Islamic swimsuit Burkini in Europe, the topic has now extended to Lebanon as the first Arab country to prohibit it in the region.

Two days ago, a Lebanese lady at a northern beach resort was prevented from going to the beach because she wore a Burkini,” reported Al Arabiya.

Noura al-Zayyem shared her story saying that she was surprised that when she headed to the beach with her family and two-year-old child, the guard called her husband to let him know that she won’t be allowed access to the beach.

The woman said that she did not violate the law and had the right to go to the beach like any other Lebanese citizen. However, the official insisted she can only go to the beach with a proper swim attire.

It is ironic that Burkini is not considered a suitable swimwear in a city embracing a large number of veiled women who do not wear swimsuits, except the Burkini or similar body-covering attire.

Last Update: Thursday, 29 June 2017 KSA 20:16 - GMT 17:16

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Burkini creates controversy, ‘forbidden’ on beaches in Lebanon
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