Coffee to serve as biofuel for London buses soon

A red London double-decker bus passes the London Eye as it is driven over Westminster Bridge in central London on November 20, 2017. (AFP)

Beginning Monday, Bio-Bean, a company that recycles waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels and biochemical will be using coffee as source to fuel the buses of London, it has been revealed.

According to a BBC report, the company has partnered with Shell and fuel blender Argent energy to help create thousands of liters of the first ever coffee-derived source of biodiesel.

The report says that Bio-bean is helping the transport for London (TFL) use coffee as an alternative clean source of fuel to help reduce emissions in the city. According to Bio-Bean, it will take 2.55 million cups of coffee to fuel just one bus for an entire year.

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Bio-Bean’s goals are to prove that recycling coffee grounds waste into a reliable source of fuel can contribute to playing a key role in the future of transportation systems.

The company believes it would take just over 2.55 million cups of coffee to create the enough biofuel to run a London bus for a year after the oil has been blended with diesel.

Last Update: Wednesday, 22 November 2017 KSA 14:40 - GMT 11:40

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Coffee to serve as biofuel for London buses soon
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