Syrian-French student wows ‘The Voice’ panel


The Syrian-French student, Mennel impressed the four judges and audience alike as she took the stage to perform a song on the French version of “The Voice.”

Mennel is the first contender to partake in the talent show wearing a modern style Hijab (head cover). She chose to sing for peace chanting in Arabic the song "O my God."

The young singer opened her episode with the famous song "Halleluiah" by Leonard Cohen and continued in Arabic gaining one buzz after another from the enchanted judges.

Although the judges did not understand the words, yet the stage roared with applause.

Mennel still in shock, chose the singer "Mika" who is of Lebanese origin, to continue the contest’s adventure.

She said in an intro video that she loved music, and that she always knew she was born for it, but wanted to prove to her family through her participation in "The Voice" that she has the talent for music.

Last Update: Tuesday, 6 February 2018 KSA 02:33 - GMT 23:33

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Syrian-French student wows ‘The Voice’ panel
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