Does Assad’s regime have a policy of killing journalists and civilians?

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Assad, his regime, and Syria’s state bodies - or what is left of them - are never going to be conducive to a new, democratic Syria

Mohamed Chebarro

Ex-'X Factor' judge trial nixed over lying claims

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Contostavlos accused Mahmood of ‘horrific and disgusting entrapment’

LinkedIn launches China version despite censorship fears

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The business networking site launched, attempting to tap the huge market while navigating strict censorship

Pakistan media in the government firing line

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Pakistan media regulary faces snubs and threats at best and murder at worst

Mansoor Jafar

Memories of Facebook cloud Twitter's IPO

Saturday, 5 October 2013

When Facebook Inc was preparing to go public last year, the telephones at Granite Investment Advisors rang off the hook as clients called about the social media’s company’s highly anticipated debut. In stark contrast, the investment company has not fielded any calls about Twitter as of Friday morning. “Not a single call yet,” said Tim Lesko, the principal at Granite Investment Advisors, who added that he himself will hold back until he sees a few more quarters of ...

Iran’s ‘Halal’ version of the Internet

Friday, 12 July 2013

This week, Iran’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has taken robust and unprecedented actions regarding the use of the Internet and email for communication purposes. Iranian officials have announced that they launched their own “national email service” as an alternative to Western email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. This action will require all Iranian citizens to sign up for the new “national email service” to ...

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh

Dow Jones set to cut jobs with merger of WSJ, newswire staff

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dow Jones, the media firm owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, says it plans to cut some jobs as it merges its newswire and Wall Street Journal teams. “In the process of integrating our resources, we will be undertaking a limited restructuring around the world that will result in some consolidation of positions,” Gerard Baker, the editor-in-chief of Dow Jones, said in a staff memo, according to Bloomberg. The media firm plans to unify the newsrooms of the Wall Street Journal ...

Google vindicated by EU court opinion on search index

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Google is subject to EU privacy law but is not obliged to delete sensitive information from its search index, an adviser to the highest European Union court said, in a case that tests whether people can erase harmful content from the Web. The adviser’s opinion vindicates the internet search giant’s position that it cannot erase legal content from the Web even if it is harmful to an individual. But the opinion also rejected the view of many internet firms that they are not bound by EU ...

Is Al-Jazeera really number one?

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Times must be turbulent at Al-Jazeera. It was incredibly sad to see the Qatari state-owned broadcaster resort to citing a seemingly non-existent study to claim that it is the most-watched channel in the Middle East and North Africa. It was even sadder to see a respected news agency such as Agence France Presse having to retract an article referring to the above. But who could blame AFP for trusting a news channel that claims to be the most-watched in the region? This article is not about ratings ...

Faisal J. Abbas

Twitter engulfs Saudi cyberspace

Friday, 10 May 2013

“An orientalist returned surprised after he visited Saudi Arabia,” goes an age-old expression but it’s a truth which seems relevant today in our interactions with digital networks, the most popular being Twitter. Twitter currently has become a service that most Saudis have signed up with. According to a report by social media agency, The Social Clinic, there are more than 3 million active users in Saudi Arabia on Twitter who tweet 50 million times a month. The number of ...

Badria al-Bishr

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