The Qatar crisis: Who started it?

When it comes to the ongoing Qatar crisis, some would say: We agree on the negative roles Qatar has played since Hamad bin Khalifa’s coup in 1995 but since you have been patient for 22 years, what made you wake up angry today on this particular day?

First of all, patience for mistakes does not mean one must remain patient forever. Second of all, what some people have forgotten is that Saudi Arabia’s three kings in recent years have all voiced anger over several Qatari policies.

In 1990 during the Gulf summit held in Doha to discuss Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, King Fahd protested then-Qatari heir apparent Hamad bin Khalifa’s insistence to discuss the Qatari-Bahraini border dispute before addressing the Kuwaiti crisis. King Fahd left the meeting hall and tensions dominated the summit.

He later told those around him that Hamad bin Khalifa will play a decisive role in the future and this is what happened, beginning with the coup he staged against his father and until today.

Qatar adopted al-Qaeda’s rhetoric and used Al-Jazeera as its platform to attack Saudi Arabia. It adopted a media rhetoric that attacked Saudi Arabia because it had an American base but this ended when the American base relocated to Qatar.

Patience for mistakes does not mean one must remain patient forever. Moreover, what some people have forgotten is that Saudi Arabia’s three kings in recent years have all voiced anger over several Qatari policies

Turki Aldakhil

Revolution supporters

Qatar then supported the Brotherhood and revolution supporters – unlike support of the Syrian opposition – bought them houses and funded them and hosted anyone who spoke out against Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries.

Even Kuwait was not spared as Doha supported the opposition, pushed people to protest and hosted anyone who confronted governance in Kuwait. This is unlike what happened with Bahrain, the UAE, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, and the list goes on.

King Abdullah was thus angered by this behavior and withdrew envoys. Later on, there was the 2014 agreement but Qatar did not implement anything from it. As usual, it tried to use Saudi affairs to serve its own interests and decided that King Abdullah’s death repeals the 2014 agreement. As if Saudi kings walk the path of Qatari coups!

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Turki Aldakhil is the General Manager of Al Arabiya News Channel. He began his career as a print journalist, covering politics and culture for the Saudi newspapers Okaz, Al-Riyadh and Al-Watan. He then moved to pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat and pan-Arab news magazine Al-Majalla. Turki later became a radio correspondent for the French-owned pan-Arab Radio Monte Carlo and MBC FM. He proceeded to Elaph, an online news magazine and Alarabiya.net, the news channel’s online platform. Over a ten-year period, Dakhil’s weekly Al Arabiya talk show “Edaat” (Spotlights) provided an opportunity for proponents of Arab and Islamic social reform to make their case to a mass audience. Turki also owns Al Mesbar Studies and Research Centre and Madarek Publishing House in Dubai. He has received several awards and honors, including the America Abroad Media annual award for his role in supporting civil society, human rights and advancing women’s roles in Gulf societies. He tweets @TurkiAldakhil.

Last Update: Monday, 12 June 2017 KSA 09:06 - GMT 06:06
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The Qatar crisis: Who started it?
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