Hamad and megalomania

I think Hamad bin Khalifa, Qatar’s real ruler and the father of its current emir, suffers from megalomania.

Megalomaniac people are extremely narcissistic and overconfident in such unjustified ways and they often feel that they can adapt circumstances and impossible geographic factors in their favor.

Those who suffer from this disease are usually heads of states like the emperor of Rome Nero who played music as he watched Rome burn and Adolf Hitler who believed that the Aryan race was gifted above all other races. Hitler thus believed he must rule the world so he mobilized armies and sparked wars that killed more than 50 million people across Europe.

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One of the most famous Arabs who suffered from megalomania is Saddam Hussein who only finished a war to engage in another and whom no one dared oppose. There’s also Muammar Qaddafi who crowned himself as the king of kings in Africa and the leader of Africans.

Qaddafi squandered Libya’s wealth on causes which the Libyans have nothing to do with only because he felt that he was the last “rebel” whom God sent to support rebels across the world. Hamad bin Khalifa surrounded himself with a group of opportunists and imposters, which include Arab leftists, and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. They convinced him that he was born to lead.

They convinced him that the Arab world is waiting for him to spark the Arab Spring, topple regimes and let the winds of change rock Arab thrones so he assigns rulers and Doha can become like Damascus was for the Umayyads or Baghdad was for the Abbasids.

What’s sad, especially for the people of Qatar, is that the lives of megalomaniac leaders end in disaster that brings about catastrophic results to their people

Mohammed Al Shaikh

Lack of loyalty

Besides his megalomania, Hamad is a treacherous man who does not know loyalty. He can ally with you today and turn against you tomorrow. He remains convinced that the Arab Spring did not fail and that he will achieve his dreams.

Stubbornness is often associated with megalomania as one pursues mad dreams, squanders money like he does not fear poverty and lies to himself and says that everyone is conspiring against him and that any conflict must end with him standing and others getting eliminated.

I think the one who resembles Hamad bin Khalifa the most is Qaddafi as they are two sides of the same coin. Leftists and men with wild dreams also surrounded Qaddafi and became wealthy thanks to him, especially if they were willing to carry out his orders and execute his conspiracies.

Hamad is also surrounded by murderous Muslim Brotherhood figures and Arab leftists whose major platform is Al-Jazeera television channel, which is Hamad’s favorite weapon to achieve his aspirations.

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These figures are regular guests of the Amiri palace in Doha. They discuss the details of the channel’s programs with him as Hamad bin Thamer, the chairman of the board of the Al Jazeera Media Network, is of no worth whom none of the network’s employees take into consideration because he’s just a powerless figurehead. This is what Qataris say in their private gatherings.

What’s sad, especially for the people of Qatar, is that the lives of megalomaniac leaders – as we’ve seen throughout history with Nero, Hitler, Saddam and Qaddafi – end in disaster that brings about catastrophic results to their people.

A megalomaniac leader continues to commit mistakes while neglecting everyone. He despises everyone around him and insists on his stances and stubbornness until the final fall. Qaddafi’s yesterday resembles Hamad’s present! You will remember my words very soon.

This article is also available in Arabic.

Mohammed Al Shaikh is a Saudi writer with al-Jazirah newspaper. He tweets @alshaikhmhmd.

Last Update: Sunday, 3 September 2017 KSA 13:27 - GMT 10:27
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Hamad and megalomania
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