The Saudi city that stands tall since 40 centuries

Thursday, 19 October 2017

The ancient city of al-Jahwa is located on the south of Wadi al-Namas and was known to have been inhabited by the Bani Bakr tribe. The city has been profiled by the prolific author al-Hamadani in his book “The features of the Arabian Peninsula”. It the book, al-Hamadani says Jahwa is larger than the city of Jarash and was the base of a small Sultanate until 320 AH. The remnants of its ancient bases and its huge wall, which was built with large stones, still stand today. Jahwa’s ...

Award-winning actor Fahad Olayan on representing Saudi Arabia in Hollywood

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Al Arabiya English’s Showbiz reporter Simo Benbachir sits down with multi-award winning Saudi actor Fahad Olayan to talk about his latest movie “The Truth”, which won an award in Saudi Arabia. Olayan spoke about his experience working with the legendary Morgan Freeman in his television series “The Story of God”. He also shares his encouraging advice for those who want to break into Hollywood film industry.

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