Euro 2016 haunted by terrorism

Friday, 29 April 2016

In few weeks, the Europa football league will take off amid major security concerns. France and Europe have not yet recovered from extremists threats. Last November’s bombings in Paris included an attack on the “Stade de France” during a friendly match, in the presence of the French president. It looked like an early “rehearsal” to what can be done by extremists, during the most important and largest gathering of European sports. How is Paris getting ready for the Euro 2016? Will the security concern ruin the football fans celebrations?

Death Making By: Mohammed Altoumaihi

Al Arabiya’s weekly show ‘Death Making’ deals with the issue of global terrorism. It provides insights and analysis into the religious, social, economic and political dimensions of terrorist attacks across the globe. It includes rare and exclusive footage, as well as interviews with well-known figures.


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Euro 2016 haunted by terrorism
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