“The Story of Moazzam Begg”

Friday, 13 May 2016

This week's episode is about controversial British figure Moazzam Begg. He spent 3 years in the Guantanamo prison after being arrested in mysterious circumstances in Pakistan. When he got out of jail, he sued the British authorities on charges of participating in his torture. He managed to win the settlement outside the walls of the court. This episode will tackle the story of his travel to Syria with the rise of extremist organizations there and the details of the new confrontation with the British government that confiscated his passport and accused him of financing ISIS. What is the truth behind the “Cage” organization and to what extent is it linked to terrorist John, who appeared in the videos beheading the victims?

Death Making By: Mohammed Altoumaihi

Al Arabiya’s weekly show ‘Death Making’ deals with the issue of global terrorism. It provides insights and analysis into the religious, social, economic and political dimensions of terrorist attacks across the globe. It includes rare and exclusive footage, as well as interviews with well-known figures.


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“The Story of Moazzam Begg”
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