Bin Laden’s son under the spotlight

Friday, 27 May 2016

After a long time, Ossama Ben Laden’s name got back to the spotlight through his son’s latest activities. He is now mentioned again in al-Qaeda’s propaganda campaigns after his son Hamza broadcasted a new video, in which he urges members of all extremist groups to unite. Hamza bin Laden was the most likely to inherit his father’s leadership. Will Hamza’s appearance affect Ayman al-Zawahiri and will it trigger rivalry between the two?

Death Making By: Mohammed Altoumaihi

Al Arabiya’s weekly show ‘Death Making’ deals with the issue of global terrorism. It provides insights and analysis into the religious, social, economic and political dimensions of terrorist attacks across the globe. It includes rare and exclusive footage, as well as interviews with well-known figures.


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Bin Laden’s son under the spotlight
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