The state of Saudi’s entertainment media

Thursday, 15 August 2013

This week’s guest is Ali Fakandash, the director of the entertainment section at the Saudi newspaper Okaz. He says that the entertainment press has witnessed progress in Saudi Arabia, although it still suffers from favoritism and fabrications. He praised MBC’s Arab Idol for presenting scores of new talents, noting that he’s proud of Abdulkarim Abdulkader , comparing his voice to Feirouz. He denied any intervention in his friends’ decisions, especially the decision of Obadi al-Jawhar to sing with the late Arabic diva Warda. He denied as well the presence of any problems between Mohammad Abdo and the late singer Talal Maddah.

Eda'at By: Turki al-Dakhil

Eda’at (‘spotlights’ in Arabic) covers political, cultural and human-interest stories. It regularly interviews high-profile figures, providing a round-up of the most important stories relevant to a particular guest or current event.


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The state of Saudi’s entertainment media
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