Abdullah Ghül: How did Turkey sponsor the Syrian-Israeli negotiations?

Friday, 15 April 2016

In the second episode, the Turkish president Abdullah Ghül raises the issue of the secret Syrian-Israeli negotiations in 2008 in Istanbul under the auspices of Turkey. Ghül revealed that Syrians showed more rationality than Israelis in the negotiations. However, due to the Israeli attack on Gaza in 2008 and to other factors, discussion didn’t materialize. The president Ghül talks also about the relationship between Turkey and Syria. He evokes the reasons for which it deteriorated including the repercussions of the 2011 revolution and the use of violence by the Syrian army to face the “illegitimate popular rights”. The Turkish president also talks about his life in Saudi Arabia where he worked for 9 years.

Political Memoirs By: Taher Barake

Political Memoirs is a weekly program that hosts prominent former politicians from across the Arab world, creating a platform for sharing history from different points of view. Each show focuses on a single event, illustrating how guests’ memories can diverge from the objective ‘truth’ of the recorded history.


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Abdullah Ghül: How did Turkey sponsor the Syrian-Israeli negotiations?
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