Abdullah Gul talking about Gazi demonstrations

Friday, 29 April 2016

In the last episode, former Turkish President Abdullah Gul says that he had always supported the Palestinian cause and condemned the Israeli attacks, particularly those that affected Gaza in 2008. He said that the cause behind the rise of extremism in the region is the injustice faced by the Palestinian people. About Turkey, President Gul says: “My point of view did not match at times with the view of my friend Recep Tayyip Erdogan, however, our cause was one”. Regarding the protests that took place in “Gazi Park” in Istanbul in 2013, former Turkish president pointed out that it was against cutting the trees for the construction of a building and not to ask for public freedoms, noting that the problems occurred after the entry of infiltrators among the demonstrators.

Political Memoirs By: Taher Barake

Political Memoirs is a weekly program that hosts prominent former politicians from across the Arab world, creating a platform for sharing history from different points of view. Each show focuses on a single event, illustrating how guests’ memories can diverge from the objective ‘truth’ of the recorded history.


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Abdullah Gul talking about Gazi demonstrations
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