Saddam’s representative in UN: Bush decided to invade Iraq after 911

Friday, 20 May 2016

In the third episode of the series, Saddam regime’s representative in UN Mohammed al-Douri says that the decision to invade Iraq was taken after the 9/11 attacks. He quotes the British ambassador to the United Nations saying to him: “We will use the atomic bomb against the Iraqi army if the latter used chemical weapons against us.” He recalls the work of the international inspectors in Iraq, describing their actions at the time as provocative.

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Subtitles are automatically translated from Arabic and have not been verified by Al Arabiya News

Political Memoirs By: Taher Barake

Political Memoirs is a weekly program that hosts prominent former politicians from across the Arab world, creating a platform for sharing history from different points of view. Each show focuses on a single event, illustrating how guests’ memories can diverge from the objective ‘truth’ of the recorded history.


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Saddam’s representative in UN: Bush decided to invade Iraq after 911
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