The real-estate “Mafia” in Alexandria

Saturday, 16 April 2016

This episode tackles the question of the importance of safeguarding the uniquely-constructed buildings in Alexandria. These buildings are being demolished to build high ones for a lucrative purpose. During the term of Mohammed Ali the Ornato was tasked with the architecture of the building. It added the Cosmopolitan aspect to the region by building castles and erecting buildings. But, in the aftermath of the revolutions, specific parties intentionally violated the law to demolish these buildings and replace them with other constructions. They aimed at absorbing the population’s housing needs. The program’s team investigated in the issue. As it shows, several parties do not seek to destroy these buildings only but also to increase the number of floors by breaching the law. Then, another partner destroys the illegitimate building in exchange for money.

Special Mission

Special Mission is a weekly program that investigates sensitive topics. The program takes viewers through the investigative process and reenacts important scenes, to revive the discussed topic to convey an as honest of a depiction of the subject as possible.

The team at Special Mission uncovers the sometimes ugly truth behind certain mysteries, through speaking to witnesses, experts and analysts.

Investigations cover various fields from politics to the economy, as well as religious subjects.


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The real-estate “Mafia” in Alexandria
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