Special mission: Children with special need

Saturday, 4 June 2016

They are isolated in a world of their own protecting themselves from the injustice of the society and the failure of health institutions to diagnose their condition and treat them. Around 10 thousand children in Jordan suffer from the consequences of developmental brain disorders where the child is unable to form bonds with others. The program will shed lights about how some people are exploiting the tragedy of those children.

Special Mission

Special Mission is a weekly program that investigates sensitive topics. The program takes viewers through the investigative process and reenacts important scenes, to revive the discussed topic to convey an as honest of a depiction of the subject as possible.

The team at Special Mission uncovers the sometimes ugly truth behind certain mysteries, through speaking to witnesses, experts and analysts.

Investigations cover various fields from politics to the economy, as well as religious subjects.


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Special mission: Children with special need
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