How Saudi Arabia fought al-Qaeda (PART1)

Friday, 4 December 2015

An exclusive documentary by Al-Arabiya revealing the hidden world of “al-Qaeda” terrorist cells and how authorities confronted this monster that targeted citizens, security forces and oil. The 3 part-documentary showcases the terrorism war in Saudi Arabia from 2003 to 2009. It shows videos about the terrorist groups. The viewer will be able to see the details of the operations through the testimonies of security members who witnessed this war through raids or prosecution of terrorists. Scenes about the last moments before the execution of the attacks and other agonizing scenes for young misled men recorded before carrying out the attacks will be aired for the first time. The documentary also highlights the achievement of the security authorities in the combat against “al-Qaeda” and dismantling its sleeper cells.

Terror in KSA

Saudi Arabia against terrorism is a special series of investigative reports by Al Arabiya News Channel that overlooks how the kingdom has dealt with terrorism and extremism over the years.


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How Saudi Arabia fought al-Qaeda (PART1)
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