Exclusive: Inside Aramco.. the world’s biggest company

Friday, 20 May 2016

The report tracks the stages of the launching of Aramco, the world biggest oil company, since its inception in the late forties, and how the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia triggered a major growth in the Saudi economy, which was reflected in the society and way of living as well. In this investigation, Al-Arabiya crew and their cameras will be visiting for the first time a number of oil and gas fields in Saudi Arabia, to know more about the sequences of the operations, the development of projects, and the production capacities in these fields, distributed between the Saudi desert and the see. The report will also inquire about Aramco’s refining projects, which ended recently, including Yasref refinery. The opening of the latter was attended by King Salman and the Chinese president. Yasref refinery is considered as the largest refinery set up by the company in the last decade. The report will tackle the training and rehabilitation of the young Saudis carried out by the company in the oil fields. At the end, it will highlight the most important expected shift in the company’s history, as the ownership of Aramco will be transferred to public investment fund as revealed recently by deputy crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman, within the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030.


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Exclusive: Inside Aramco.. the world’s biggest company
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