Saudi embassy in Baghdad receives multiple threats

Monday, 20 June 2016

Shortly after the return of the Saudi Ambassador to Iraq, enticing campaigns ordered by the rulers of Tehran have started to take place, while the risks on the lives of the Saudi diplomatic mission members in Iraq have become clear to everyone. The Saudi Ambassador in Baghdad did not hide that what he is doing in Iraq is an attempt to save the country's unity and reject sectarianism in it. Ambassador Thamer al-Sabhan said Iran is working on providing weapons and forming militias in Iraq, and on the other hand, Saudi Arabia is working on opening doors to all Iraqis and help them without discrimination in terms of race, sect, or doctrine. Saudi Arabia supported the Iraqis in the uprising of the south in Basra against Saddam, protected them from his oppression, and opened the border for them in 1991, until they left and returned to their country in 2006. So, who has an interest in questioning the Saudi role in Iraq and keeping it subject to sectarianism? A media campaign targeting the Saudi embassy in Iraq is led by a sectarian side and it smells like an Iranian agenda. The campaign includes fabricated statements, broadcast by some Iraqi media accused of broadcasting a sectarian propaganda, amid demands by parties and militias of one color to close the embassy.


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Saudi embassy in Baghdad receives multiple threats
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