How long will Iran keep threatening Gulf countries?

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bahrain revoked yesterday the citizenship of the Shiite cleric, Isa Ahmed Qassim, in the framework of defending the national security, according to a statement quoted by Bahrain news agency. Isa Ahmed Qassim issued, before the decision of the citizenship, a statement along with three other Shiite clerics and they are: Abdullah Al-Gharifi, and Abedelhousein Al-Sitri, and Mohammed Saleh Al-Rubaie. They issued a statement saying that the Khums, which the Bahrain authorities decided to stop, is one of the essentials of the Shiite sect, according to the statement, and that using the Khums money in what does not protect the interests of Muslims, according to them, is forbidden. The statement also said that targeting the activities of the Zakat and the Khums is targeting the sect and it is an assault on the freedom of sectarian practices. Also, there will be no negotiations with any part concerning this decisive sectarian issue.


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How long will Iran keep threatening Gulf countries?
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