Did Hezbollah import Syrian war to Lebanon?

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The first wave of the suicide bombings that hit the village of Al-Kaa on the Lebanese-Syrian border and left deaths and injuries, was followed today by a new wave, amid warnings by the Prime Minister of a third wave and a different wave from the terrorist attacks on Lebanon. Warnings and fears were tackled today by Lebanese newspapers, with headlines about the Al-Kaa attacks. It stressed that the attacks that infiltrated to Al-Kaa exploiting the Syrian refugees crisis in the town, who constitute a tempting target for terrorists, as well as military centers. Newspapers also warned of the possibility that Qaa is just a station for terrorists to move to other areas. However, the comment of Akhbar newspaper close to Hezbollah was remarkable; since it requested what it called the resistance, in a reference to the Hezbollah militia, to clean the region from ISIS terrorists, and linked between the battle in Aleppo and the liberation of southern Qaa according to it, stressing that Qaa is most important than Aleppo. Will Lebanon face a new wave and quality of of terrorism? Is it the Syrian war generated by Hezbollah to Lebanon for its deep involvement in it alongside the regime?


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Did Hezbollah import Syrian war to Lebanon?
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